It Matters How

You Look


The Carousel Studio at SDS is a place for professionals who want to look, sound, and feel sharp as a tack in their next video, meeting, or interview.


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It's time to get serious about your video.

No, really – it’s time to get serious about your remote media hits and meetings.

Careers are increasingly built on who can be the most captivating and concise on video calls, remote interviews, and live events. In 2021, your presence “in the room” is about your presence on screen.

Unfortunately, when it really counts, most professionals are struggling to deliver the goods remotely.


The average home or office Zoom setup is poorly lit, poorly designed, underequipped, and an acoustic car wreck. 

Our homes and offices were never designed to be studios.

Quality matters if you want to make an impression.

In client and media-facing businesses, allocating a marginal budget to ensure you can hold the attention of prospects, clients, and customers is a no-brainer.

Studio-quality sound is shown to make the speaker seem more authoritative.

High-quality video coupled with proper lighting holds viewers’ attention long to prevent “second screening” where attendees drift onto other devices as they lose interest.

On-screen graphics and quick transitions to presentations demonstrate competency and avoids awkward moments.

Perhaps most importantly, a bespoke remote setup can allow the presenter to see the screens of all attendees at once on large monitor arrays. Seeing the faces of other attendees gives presenters critical feedback on whether or not the audience is following along or may have questions.

We’re never going back to the old ways of doing things. The Carousel Studio is a place for professionals to succeed at business in the virtual world.


  • Remote media hits
  • Job interviews
  • Pitch meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Live show recording
  • Virtual focus group hosting
  • Online course recording


  • Multiple camera angles
  • Professional lighting
  • Seamless screen switching
  • Multi-monitor display for keeping eyes on all participants
  • Bespoke backgrounds
  • Broadcast quality audio

Distributed Event Hosting

Are your event participants spread across the country? 

Carousel can drop-ship plug-and-play kits directly to your guests that ensure everyone one looks and sounds first class. We host and manage the event from our studio control room to ensure a seamless experience.

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